Where to stream radio shows online?

Streaming radio shows online is becoming popular nowadays. You can choose between the traditional radio station format where a human DJ makes the playlist decisions or the self-directed streaming services that allow you to make playlist decisions. Below are some of the best platforms to stream radio shows online.



SHOUTcast offers you over 75000 radio stations in one platform. With such a huge collection of radio stations at your fingertips, you are spoilt for a choice. You can use the genre list to sort various stations according to your preferred genres. SHOUTcast also ranks the top radio stations according to the number of listeners at any given time. You can decide to listen to the top-rated radio stations on the platforms. You won’t pay anything to listen to your favorite radio stations. You must, however, contend with 2-minute ad breaks during streaming. The ads are capped at 5 per hour.




Pandora operated for many years as a free radio and music service. The Pandora free account is ad-supported. With a free Pandora account, you can access several radio stations and a huge selection of music in different genres. Pandora can even suggest new radio stations based on your listening habits. You can also sort the various radio stations based on the type of songs, artists or genre.


A few years ago, Pandora introduced two premium based accounts that are free of ads- The Pandora Plus and the Pandora Premium accounts. With a Pandora Plus subscription, you can replay tracks, listen to 3 of your popular stations offline and enjoy a longer timeout period. If you go for the Pandora Premium account, you enjoy all the benefits of the Pandora Plus account as well as a host of other benefits. The Pandora Premium service is however only available on Android and iOS devices.




RipRock Radios is a single-channel site that is dedicated to classic rock FM radio culture of the past. It blends various FM classics from different rock genres with obscure and new pieces from Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Van Halen, The Police among others. You can send your requests and if you are lucky they will play them. If you are new to online streaming of radio shows, begin your journey with RipRock Radio. You will love it.




iHeartRadio gives you the opportunity to listen to various radio stations and music online for free. You can also create your own artist stations. The sound quality is very high. You can choose to listen on your PC or download the iHeartRadio App. Other than live radio, you also get access to podcasts.


You can stream radio from over 1500 live radio stations. One of the best things about IHeartRadio is that your custom stations are completely ad-free. The only bad thing is the lack of play, pause and record controls. But for a free service, it is worthy your time.


Internet Radio


Internet Radio is another wonderful platform to stream radio stations online. With over 35000 radio stations, you have a large selection to choose from. You can search radio stations based on their music genres.